Business Brokerage


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Canna Consultants Incorporated is registered as an Illinois Licensed Business Broker (License #310001738) with the Illinois Secretary of State Securities Department.  In addition, the President of Canna Consultants holds a Real Estate Managing Brokers license through the state of Illinois and has served clients faithfully for over thirty years.  Canna Consultants can not only assist with the sale of your cannabis business or a purchase of an existing operation, but it is very likely through our networks and contacts, we will strive to exceed expectations and can often deliver a a better return on your investment, whether that is selling or purchasing.

Canna Consultants, with significant experience within the cannabis industry, stays up to date on all the latest large acquisitions nationwide.  In an industry that can change overnight, the resulting difference between a well educated seller and buyer can be tremendous due to unforeseen factors by those unfamiliar with cannabis operations.  In depth evaluation when selling or purchasing is paramount to maximizing an operation’s potential.  This may include identifying  hidden issues that point to the overvaluation of operations, or alternatively, this may include key details which increase the value of an organization that a seller or buyer may be overlooking.

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