Business Development

Canna Consultants developed a wide array of specialized individuals through multiple decades in the medical and recreational cannabis industry.  We combine that knowledge to analyze and optimize your operation, or to create your new cannabis business from scratch.  We work with you to develop and/or improve on your dream, with decades of experience from multiple consultants nationwide.  Regularly, small tweaks to procedural operations can result in tremendous savings and increases in revenue.

Canna Consultants has dedicated consultants which focus solely on business plan and associated documentation assembly.  Never a cookie-cutter plan, each cannabis business is treated as a brand new entity with the attention required for a detailed analysis.  Every operation is different, with specific market costs, revenues, yields, wholesale and retail values, overhead, and special circumstances that vary depending on licensing and business organizational arrangements.  All these factors are considered and an optimized operation is designed or suggested based on all available information.

Management and Marketing

Over many years Canna Consultants has encountered numerous individuals, organizations, operations, and products which had every opportunity for great success but either fell short of targets upon execution or were unable to reach the levels of success desired due to shortcomings in management, marketing efforts, or usually, a combination of both.

Canna Consultants can assist your endeavor to ensure your vision, products, marketing, and day to day operation meet and exceed all expectations.  From custom branding to the relaunch of existing brands, let our team take a look to see how we can increase your brand awareness and future potential.  We can assist with your entire company profile, from web presence, social media, patient and customer outreach, packaging, labeling, product appearances, and more.

Contact Us today to explore the numerous possible options and solutions.  Specializing in creative structuring and solutions which often go unseen by others.