Dispensary Consulting

In the very competitive arena of cannabis dispensaries, Canna Consultants implements multiple strategies to set operations apart from the vast competition.  Too often, simple albeit operation defining considerations can be made which can significantly increase profitability as well as market share. Whether you are looking to start a new dispensary operation, or looking to refocus an existing, Canna Consultants can assist.

Often we see operations in desperate need of rebranding due to past mistakes that could have been easily avoided from the start.  Start your business off right and maintain a flawless reputation by utilizing our full service consulting firm.  We’ve already experienced the pitfalls and hurdles a retail organization faces, so let our trials be your success.  With decades of experience and operators all over the nation, with specialization in Illinois, Contact Us to let us know how we can assist your operation.

With expert dispensary consultants who have owned and operated facilities throughout various states, Canna Consultants can advise on all operational considerations, including:

  • Staffing and Training
  • POS Systems
  • Patient Services
  • Product Procurement
  • Retail and Wholesale Pricing
  • Increasing Market Share
  • Accounting and Tax Liability
  • Interior Design and Retail Flow