Product Development

The cannabis industry is typically associated with cultivation and the sale of processed flowers, concentrates, and infused products, but this ever expanding, diverse, multi-billion dollar industry contains endless possibilities for product development.

Whether you are a new organization contemplating the development of a new product line or service, or an existing organization wishing to revise and expand your current offerings and market share, we can assist.  Our specialty areas include genetic research, phenotyping, and large population selections for commercial viability.  In operations with unrealized potential, increasing the genetic strength of your product catalog is the quickest way towards improving and expanding product lines.  After the core product lines are developed, additional concentrates and infusions can be fine-tuned, managing consumer expectations with a high quality, repeatable, recognizable product through purposefully engineered labeling and packaging.

Ancillary Products

Additionally, from seed companies, through magazines, to manufacturing, including, but not only, agricultural supply, equipment, and products, please let us know how we might assist.  Often we are able to connect like-minded individuals through our established network which creates beneficial relationships for all.

Each and every product and service represents a completely different and unique set of obstacles and challenges.  Contact Us today and we would be pleased to discuss the many possible options and solutions to all situations.