Cultivation Consulting

The very nature of the cultivation process relies on the personnel having engaged in the operation of all in-use cultivation systems, nutrient lines and schedules, hundreds of strains, and exposure and experience with virtually every and any set of variables.  A seemingly “minor” change may provide favorable results or quite the opposite.  Several small tweaks in conjunction may very well create a significant impact on the operations revenue and efficiency; and likewise, in this highly competitive industry, a negative impact not fully realized may compound infinitely and effect the operation, productivity, and revenue in countless ways.

Canna Consultants can thoroughly assess each and every aspect of virtually any given operation, whether indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor.  Services identify not only areas of possible improvement leading to greater efficiency, but a variety of proposed options which may, in some cases, not only dramatically increase quality, productivity, and staff retention, but also create dramatic increases in revenue and reduce operating expenses.  This assessment can range from the very technical with engineering and facility equipment adjustments, to the abstract with cycling and production rounds, dry and cure techniques, phenotyping, as well as crop and staff training.

Canna Consultants utilizes staff experts in all methods of production, from organic soils to aquaponics.  From low budget, to high tech, our consultants have experiences with all types of equipment based on their decades of time within the industry.  These include published scientific researchers, Master’s of Horiticulture, USDA researchers, large volume aquaponics and aeroponics indoor production, as well as facility designers from new construction to redesign on a minimal budget.  Contact Us today to see how we can assist with your operation.


Designing a Medical Greenhouse Cultivation and Production Facility