Operations Management

Complete or partial Operations Management is a preferred method for many.  Often clients approach our firm who already own or work for an established, thriving business unrelated to cannabis.  They are looking to entire the cannabis industry as a secondary option, career transition, or retirement option with no heavy lifting required.  Either with an existing organization, or looking to establish a new one, Canna Consultants offers Operations Management covering everything from the original conceptualization to ongoing day to day activities.

Not only can the frustrations and headaches of main day to day operation be avoided, but also take advantage of our decades of experience that will quick start your operation and get it on track faster than otherwise.  Creatively structure arrangements to best suit your needs, with various offerings on a case by case basis.  Contact Us today to discuss your options.

While Operations Management services can be delivered individually, at any time during the lifespan of a business, the operation ultimately begins with the license application preparation, proper site selection and negotiation, conception, design and build out, followed by recruitment, and staffing. All of which are executed simultaneously to produce a fully staffed, turn-key operation as soon as able following license approval.  When engaged to serve in this capacity, we are unsurpassed in our complete command and attention to detail.


Cultivation Consulting

The original focus of Canna Consultants was cultivation and production, and this area of expertise continues to be one of the firm's strongest sectors.  Design, environmental controls, processes, genetics, staff, University researchers, and more.  

Dispensary Consulting

Complete services for retail operations in medical and adult use programs.  Everything from permitting, through design, staffing, and ongoing operations.  We can offer assistance at any stage of operations through our network of expert consultants.