Staffing Your Operation

Canna Consultants has worked with, trained, and guided thousands of operators over the years in virtually every segment of the cannabis industry.  With widespread influence established over the last two decades, these operators now represent the industry throughout the United States.  From general labor, processing, dispensary and cultivation operations, and beyond, we can assist with not only identifying and contracting quality staff, but also advising in the cultivation and development of untapped talent.  In an industry where most top level operators began as anything but, we take immense pride in our ability to not only identify, but to assist in the development of the top operators of the future.

Canna Consultants takes the greatest pride in being the source for top tier operators.  At any given time, an exceptional talent pool spanning not only the nation, but the world is available to you.

Training Your Staff

The knowledge base, skill sets, and experience of operators within this industry vary greatly from position to position.  Canna Consultants can not only assist in employee screening, review, and analysis, but also can provide the thorough training of staff according to the contracting organization’s guidelines and needs.  Specialty topics including:

  • Seed to Sale Tracking
  • Point of Sale Records
  • Inventory Management Strategies
  • Accounting Strategies and Cash Handling
  • Patient Services
  • Cultivation Technique
  • Retail Management
  • Purchasing, Acquisitions, and Wholesale Sales
  • And More!

Often, the most desirable candidates possessing the above qualifications may be unavailable due to prior engagement, location, or contractual obligations, and the supervised development and cultivation of talent becomes a viable option. We at Canna Consultants take the greatest pride in our ability to not only identify candidates with untapped and unrealized potential within certain segments, but to assist in the further development of such, creating the top tier operators of tomorrow.

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